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Electronic Arts, Majestic Launch

Is it real or is it Majestic?

An early transmedia game and program are fresh and relevant even 10 years later. EA's spectacular Alternative Reality game, Majestic, demanded an equally intriguing and disruptive launch. The first of its kind, Majestic used modern technology to immerse players deep within a growing conspiracy. The program mimicked the story and energy of the game with covert maneuvers and multiple entry points.

How we did it

Taking an AR game into a fully dimensional and variable physical reality had challenges of focus and scope. The result? We devised an original three-tiered, episodic, street-level campaign. Each encounter informed the next as the event progressed toward the final impact of the game's launch.


  • Episode 1: Enticed the influencers by creating a detailed influencer package including a dossier, emails, and cryptic voice mail messages.
  • Episode 2: Covert street-level activities that took place over a two-week period. Female secret agents circulated bars and restaurants leaving behind business cards, magnets, slides, and lipstick-scrawled messages on bathroom mirrors.
  • Episode 3: Full-blown publicity stunts where teams of secret agents mobbed busy intersections to tag cars with magnets, wash windows and pass out CDs with subliminal messaging while others delivered premiums to radio talk show hosts.


  • Reach: Over 12 million consumers in two months at a cost of less that one cent per person
  • Registration: Game registration went up 50% across the four target markets


Work: Creative Director
Scope: strategy, design, copy and promotion
Agency: Marcilary & Co.

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